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A novel. Short stories. Literary fiction. Represented by Curtis Brown.

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How I Found Myself In Fan Fiction

How I Found Myself In Fan Fiction

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Karen Onojaife's short story 'Here Be Monsters' features in this anthology.

"It's the summer. You start to think about your chakras.

You are committed to becoming your best self. You are not going to care that everyone else is getting married or getting promoted, or having babies or buying houses. When friends tell you their good news, you will simply smile and then send them gift baskets of baked goods because your heart is a lighthouse, as opposed to say, a black dwarf star, colder than Alaska."

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Short Story (excerpt): Starling

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Nneka ticks a box on her chart and then looks at the man on the steel table. Susan has already weighed him and placed the body block under his back. His concave chest now sticks out while his arms and head fall backwards.

Susan makes the Y incision, two broad strokes near the collarbones, meeting in the middle and then travelling down. Nneka has to watch carefully to make sure that she doesn't cut too far as she has done the past three times.

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Short story (excerpt): Summer with Dinah

Callaloo, Volume 37, No.2 Spring 2014

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Goodbye, "My Mad Fat Diary", The Best Teen Drama Of The Decade

***SPOILERS FOR THE THIRD SERIES***. posted on Jul. 6, 2015, at 3:04 p.m.. Karen Onojaife. BuzzFeed Contributor. Tweet. Stumble. Tumblr. Bookmark it....

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The Littlest Sound by Karen Onojaife

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Dec 10, 2013 ... by Karen Onojaife. Peter hadn't always been one for getting his hands dirty, but early on in Jess's pregnancy, exhausted by his fussing, she had ......